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Newbold relaunches its English Language Centre in January 2024

ntre in January 2024. This is a major development in the process of rebuilding Newbold after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dear Partners and Colleagues,

I am very pleased to announce that the Newbold College of Higher Education’s Board of Governors voted to recommence operating the English Language Centre in January 2024. This is a major development in the process of rebuilding Newbold after the COVID-19 pandemic. This decision reflects “the unceasing vision for Newbold to operate as Newbold College of Higher Education that offers more than just theological education for pastoral ministry”, said Dr Daniel Duda, the Chairman of the Board.

Since 1935, Newbold had provided an English Language programme that had equipped many students with great language skills and significantly contributed to the financial operations of the College. This programme had operated in a variety of configurations until the recent disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that prohibited international students to travel to the UK and affected Newbold’s ability to deliver an immersive learning experience.

The newly launched English Language Centre, which is planned to be accredited with the British Council, will provide a variety of programmes. During the spring and autumn terms, we will welcome students who wish to develop their English language skills through structured learning. We will prepare these students for language proficiency tests of their choice (e.g., IELTS and Cambridge). The Summer School in English will commence in July 2024. This 3-week immersion programme will help put theoretical knowledge into practice in a combination of classroom activities and everyday situations. All programmes will be complemented with educational trips, social and spiritual events that will help students practice language skills, find new friendships, and grow in faith.

Newbold administration has already commenced conversations with several Adventist institutions that previously sent students to Newbold for the English Language programme. These institutions have greeted the Board’s decision enthusiastically as their students are anxious to come to Newbold to further their competence in English. In the coming months, we will commence staffing the English Language Centre with teachers, who will deliver high-quality learning experience that the College has been known for.

For further information about the programme, please follow our website or contact us directly at [email protected].

By God’s grace and your help, we look forward to seeing also your students at Newbold once again. Thank you for your prayers and support on the journey ahead of us.

With blessings,
Dr Stephen Currow, Principal