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The Mindful Edit – A lasting thought

Your mindful thought for the week.

This is: “The Mindful Edit”

In times such as these, we believe it is so important to remain positive, hopeful, to spark conversation, and to stay connected with each other. ‘The Mindful Edit’ is a weekly initiative that will offer thoughts and tips to encourage wellness mentally, emotionally and physically. This curated content will be written by Alastair Agbaje (our Chaplain) and guests. 

The last blog post of the series in this semester is written by Alastair Agbaje, reflecting the guests we have partnered with, and the posts that have been written all in the name of empowerment, positive, community and mental strength during this pandemic. Also contributing in this post is Barbara Denyer, a Community Volunteer for the Samaritans.

We’d like to thank every contributor for taking part, and everyone that has taken the time to read these posts – which we dedicate to our students who are all valiantly striding on with their studies and upcoming examinations starting on Monday, in what is a strange, unexpected and unfamiliar situation. 

A lasting thought

Looking back on the last two months has been an amazing journey. We have managed to capture an array of thoughts and words of inspiration from a diverse range of writers for our blogs.

Students, counsellors, medical health doctors, business owners from our community and the list goes on.  All writers have shared one common thread, the ability to share unifying practical encouraging words of hope during this period of COVID-19 for our students, staff and wider Newbold community, which has been the soul aim and purpose for this blog series. 

These repeated phrases ‘unprecedented times’  and the ‘new normal’  have become synonymous and familiar words we have heard since the pandemic.  Most of us have been challenged at times or even frustrated with lockdown, working from home and having to cope and adapt very quickly to our situation. I also want to place an emphasis on the opportunities and creatively that have arisen from our changed way of living, which I believe adds a positive stance to where we find ourselves presently.  A blog was born, which I hope continues into the next semester, to provide support and encouragement to many that have read and shared how positive this has been for many.

On this note, I would like to end our final blog post for this semester with some practical words and advice from our local Bracknell Samaritans office, who we have partnered with the college in numerous ways and services over the last 3- 4 years, fund raising, support services  for our students, presenting at college assemblies and co-presenting with Newbold staff at an SDA world mental health weekend forum on campus. I would like to introduce Barbara Denyer.

Alastair Agbaje

It’s an odd world just now, and it would be quite normal for your emotions to be all over the place.

We always try to promote to people:“it’s ok not to be ok” ….and recognising this simple statement is just a small step forwards in looking after your mental wellbeing.

Samaritans offers Newbold students, and our local (and wider) community a listening service, be this on the telephone or via email.  We don’t give advice,  tell you what to do or judge what you have done. What we do is give you the time and space to talk about and explore whatever is concerning you, having an impact on your life and the way you feel.

All our calls are anonymous, you can share a name with us if you choose, but importantly we cannot see your incoming telephone number or email address. We are available around the clock seven days a week, and all of our listeners are volunteers who are trained to provide emotional support to those who may be feeling in the depths of despair or just needing someone to talk to about what is troubling them.

You can contact us on FREEPHONE 116123 or email us.

Visit us at – we’ve gathered some useful resources about how to manage your mental health especially at this time.

Take good care and keep safe.

Barbara Denyer
Communications volunteer