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The Mindful Edit – Thrive

Your mindful thought for the week.

This is: ‘The Mindful Edit.’

In times such as these, we believe it is so important to remain positive, hopeful, to spark conversation, and to stay connected with each other. ‘The Mindful Edit’ is a weekly initiative that will offer thoughts and tips to encourage wellness mentally, emotionally and physically. This curated content will be written by Alastair Agbaje (our Chaplain) and guests. 

This week, Counselling Coordinator Theresa Swan talks about self-care, shares her mindful app recommendations, and offers details of our counselling service for students, ‘THRIVE’. 

How are you? How are you REALLY?

I wonder if you have been following the suggestion, last week, to ‘Keep Calm and Reflect’?

What have you discovered?  I imagine there will have been a mixture of positive and negative revelations.  The current situation will be impacting all our relationships, our physical and emotional health, and challenging the way we think and the things we do.

How are you processing it all?  There is a lot of information available on the internet to help with self-care at the moment, much of it very helpful, but a lot requires discernment and prioritising. If I may recommend one tool, I highly recommend looking at one of the Mindfulness Apps – personally I use Calm, but Headspace is good too.  You can download a free trial.  Why not try a few minutes each day, listening to a soothing voice talking you through relaxation techniques, and see how it impacts your well being?

If you would benefit from talking to someone who is trained to listen with compassion and without judgement, then THRIVE – the counselling service for students at Newbold – is able to offer counselling to you, via a number of online platforms. If you would like to explore how counselling could help you, do get in touch.

There is more information here, and you can contact me:

Theresa Swan, THRIVE Counselling Coordinator