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The Mindful Edit – We are all here for each other

Your mindful thought for the week.

This is: “The Mindful Edit”

In times such as these, we believe it is so important to remain positive, hopeful, to spark conversation, and to stay connected with each other. ‘The Mindful Edit’ is a weekly initiative that will offer thoughts and tips to encourage wellness mentally, emotionally and physically. This curated content will be written by Alastair Agbaje (our Chaplain) and guests. 

Our guest blogger this week is Claire Murphy, Managing Director of The Foxes’ Den Community Café. Situated in the centre of our village in Binfield, The Foxes’ Den has quickly become, for so many, the beating heart of community life here. It is a versatile space whereby locals can retreat and enjoy a quiet moment with a cup of tea and a slice of homemade cake, a place to share ideas and spark conversation, and to others it is a place where they can get involved with community events both day and night. For all, it is a place that is warming and welcoming, with a team that is dedicated to the serving others. Claire talks to us about the value of community, and why it is so important to support one another right now, through this pandemic. 

We are all here for each other...

Greetings from the furloughed Foxes’ Den! Some of you may already be aware of who and what we are – for those of you who are regulars: thank you so much for your smiles, your custom and for those of you who are hearing about us for the first time; let me share with you what we are all about…


First and foremost, we are here for our community, to serve – not just physically, but to also create a welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel part of a community that truly cares.

From the outset, the purpose of the Den was to be half café and half ‘community engagement’. A space where yes, we serve great coffee and delicious homemade cakes but where those who live alone can pop in for chat, and maybe do a few pieces of our community jigsaw puzzle or maybe join in with a free crafternoon session.

We usually host so many diverse groups, activities and events. These can be a springboard for people wanting to do more. For example; if you have an interest in wildlife, you can come along to a talk by the Binfield Environment Group and then maybe go on to join in with their outdoor nurturing activities.

Of course, now that we are in social lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our café activities are all on pause.  However, it has been so heart-warming to see how so many people in our community are still trying their best to be there for each other.  I have seen ladies sewing up hospital scrubs, others manning phone lines so that yet more local volunteers can pop out and collect prescriptions. Many are adding items to their shopping lists for those who can’t get out or for the foodbanks.

A thought for this week’s Mindful Edit:

To the students at Newbold, staff at the College, and to our local and wider community: whether we are in a lockdown or not and wherever we are in the world, we can all support and make an impact on our communities just by being willing and looking out for opportunities. It can start by picking up a single piece of litter, checking on a neighbour or picking up the phone to speak to someone who may be lonely right now.  Being part of a community and having the humanity to really be a part of it is something that we can all do.

This pandemic has seen communities all over the world revitalise – compassion, kindness and consideration has pushed to the forefront society and it has been inspiring to see. Let us all work together as a collective across the globe, to keep humanity at the centre of everything we do.

Be proud of where you live and be a part of it.

We look forward to seeing you back at the Den soon!


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