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The Roundup – Episode 14

A collective of ideas to inspire you, each and every week.

At Newbold, we believe in the power of Monday motivation.

Let’s talk relationships. Perhaps you’re at the start of a blossoming new relationship with someone you really, really like. Maybe you’re struggling with a friendship that means a lot to you but find that your personalities just seem to…clash, naturally? Or you might simply be looking for ways to enhance your communication with those you care about.

Either way, we hope that one of the recommendations this week will inspire you as you embark or continue on the beautifully complex road that is relationships!


Video of the week:

"Laugh your way to a better marriage" by Mark Gungor

“Unlike many traditional marriage seminars that tend to be overly serious, technical and emotionally taxing, Laugh Your Way: A Couples’ Comedy Event is different because it helps couples deal with tough issues in a way that is fun and non-threatening.  Through the two-day event, couples will laugh, learn and be able to make real positive changes to their marriages.”

We’ve managed to find a recording of this seminar, and guys: it’s something special. Danilo thinks you’re going to love it! Mark is a funny guy, an interesting speaker and shares mind-blowing advice that is sure to give you a few pointers.

On your ‘Marks’, get set, watch! (see what we did there?)

Book of the week:

"Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman

An ideal read for anyone looking  for inspiration on the foundational steps into relationships (of any kind) and marriage. Danilo says that this book actually enhanced his perception on communication with people – how he can read people and their emotions, and how he communicates with others.

This title explores how we express love to each other, and reminds us of the importance of interpretation because we all as individuals have own own language and way of communicating! Fascinating stuff.