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The Roundup – Episode 15

A collective of ideas to inspire you, each and every week.

At Newbold, we believe in the power of Monday motivation.

When Danilo’s niece, Mariana was a toddler, her mother worked part-time meaning that granny would come by and look after her. As time went by, Mariana came to connect granny’s arrival with her mother’s leaving for work – and she would cry and cry! And this pattern would develop outside of this situation, once at a family wedding when granny went over to greet Mariana, alarm bells would ring and she assumed that her mummy would be leaving again!

What does Danilo love about this story? Well, a couple of things. 1) the perceptions that individuals can interpret in certain situations personally, in the world, and of God. 2) growth – eventually Mariana came to realise that this perception she had wasn’t accurate – granny didn’t represent sadness!

And with that, here’s this week’s theme: growth!


Book of the week:

"How People Grow" by Henry Cloud and John Townsend

This title is a great read for anyone looking to further develop their spiritual and personal growth. Published in 2009, the book is written by Cloud and Townsend, two clinical psychologists who explore charting personal growth from a biblical perspective.

Points you can expect to discover:

  • What the essential processes are that make people grow.
  • How those processes fit into a biblical understanding of spiritual growth and theology.
  • How spiritual growth and real-life issues are one and the same.
  • What the responsibilities are of pastors, counsellors, and others who assist people in growing
  • What your own responsibilities are in your personal growth.

“Shining focused light on the great doctrines and themes of Christianity, How People Grow helps you understand the Bible in a way that will help you head with confidence down the high road of growth in Christ.”

Video of the week: "The Growth Mindset" by Dr Carole Dweck

Stanford University Professor Dr Carole Dweck shares her fascinating research into “self-conceptions (or mindsets) people use to structure the self and guide their behavior”, and how you can apply a Growth Mindset at home, at school and in your career. Danilo recommends this for great ideas and content you can take away with you.