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The Roundup – Episode 26

A collective of ideas to inspire you, each and every week.

At Newbold, we believe in the power of Monday motivation.

Loneliness. A word that so many of us can relate to, particularly throughout this last year. Did you know that last year statistics were released to reveal that in the UK alone almost 50% of us felt lonely over 2020, and probably still do?

We as a Newbold community, a wider community need to address this – in a way it’s almost like we need to say “we are separated” out loud in order to remind ourselves, snap out of this digital world and into reality. We are not together on our campus, a campus that is full of support and vibrancy. We are apart.

But. We are only physically distanced. Together, we can combat loneliness – we should combat loneliness. we know firsthand what zoom fatigue feels like – this new way of living can feel exhausting sometimes. But a message, a call, an email can make all the difference to someone who is going through a difficult time.

We invite you to check in with others this week and remind them that you’re there for them through this global time of adversity.


Get social: Board Game Arena

How cool is this? If you're feeling a bit fed up with zoom, why not invite your pals to take a seat at a virtual board game and unleash their competitive side - for free! You, them, and a few thousand players at the ready? Nice.

TED Talk: Simple Cure for Loneliness

Presented by Life Coach and Event Producer Baya Voce, this video offers great advice on how to stay connected with others. If you've been sitting and waiting for connection, this takes a different approach. Loneliness, you are hereby banished!

Song of the week: "Another in the fire" by Hillsong United

This track reminds us that we're not alone in difficulties that we're experiencing because God is with us. Can we take it further and challenge ourselves being part of this experience, by helping someone with what they are going through? Food for thought.

Foodie tip: Spanish Omelette

Also know as "Tortilla de Patatas", this omelette can be a tricky one to perfect - no fear, Omar Allibhoy is here. 3 ingredients away from the ultimate Spanish Omelette? GO!