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The Roundup – Episode 28

A collective of ideas to inspire you, each and every week.

At Newbold, we believe in the power of Monday motivation.

Danilo loves the quote: ‘catch the reflection of the smile of God, and reflect it to others.’ (medical ministry, 45). Anyone who knows Danilo knows that he smiles – a lot. There’s no super power that enables him to do it, it just happens! He loves imagining God smiling more than anyone else that we might know. It’s nice to consider that every time we smile, we could be reflecting Him to the world around us.

But at times, smiling doesn’t come naturally. Throughout the Bible we read about individuals who were sad, angry or confused – we come across so many emotions in scripture. However, time and time again we are challenged to rejoice and have a joyful heart. We’re reminded that the crushed spirit dries up the bones.

So today – Danilo reminds you that through the seasons, through the semester, as and when difficulties arise, as the virus continues to stand in the way of ‘normal’ life – it may be good to take a break from the difficult thoughts and capture the smile of God.

Press the pause button, look at things from a different angle.


Song of the week: "Smile"by Kirk Franklin

This tune never fails to put a smile on Danilo's face. "I smile, even though I'm hurt see I smile, I know God is working so I smile. Even though I've been here for a while I smile". Give it a try!

Book of the week:

"The Pilgrim's Progress" by John Bunyan

“This famous story of man’s progress through life in search of salvation remains one of the most entertaining allegories of faith ever written. Set against realistic backdrops of town and country, the powerful drama of the pilgrim’s trials and temptations follows him in his harrowing journey to the Celestial City.

Along a road filled with monsters and spiritual terrors, Christian confronts such emblematic characters as Worldly Wiseman, Giant Despair, Talkative, Ignorance, and the demons of the Valley of the Shadow of Death. But he is also joined by Hopeful and Faithful.”

A classic, Danilo recommends this book as he believes that from a Christian perspective it helps to put things into the right order.

Foodie tip: positivity via food

If there's one thing we know for sure that can naturally induce positivity - surely it's our favourite meal. Now, yours might be stringed beans (ummm...), pickles (big question mark over this one) or even a cheese that makes one's eyes water (the best kind, come on!). But for Danilo, it's got to be pancakes. So here's a little fool-proof recipe to put a smile on your face this week!