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The Roundup – Episode 31

A collective of ideas to inspire you, each and every week.

At Newbold, we believe in the power of Monday motivation.

We tend to interact with three groups of people generally, those that like us, those that don’t like us so much, and those that are indifferent. And more often than not we find ourselves balancing our relationships between these groups of people.

We find that sometimes it can be easy to focus on one group at a particular time – though it’s not easy if that the group of people that don’t like us. Why? Because somehow, we want them to like us. So efforts can be easily placed here.

Danilo recalls his time in the army where he got on well with the guys there generally, they respected each other. But one individual just had an issue with him because he was an Adventist – and it was hard not to focus on him when he could make life a little miserable at times. While Danilo didn’t ever try to win him over, this guy had a way of changing the atmosphere.

There comes a time (many times) where it’s important to reassess our focus – and look towards the good relationships we have with people that we can pour our time, energy and love into. That can be easier said than done sometimes, so how do we work around this? By being faithful to ourselves, by judging ourselves not by what/who others want us to be, but by the standard of being completely true and authentic to who we are.


Book of the week: 'Man's Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl

This book sees Frankl chronicling his experiences as prisoner in Nazi concentration camps during World War II, and his philosophy that emerged in the face of such adversity. It may help to reshape the focus on the quest for meaning.

Song of the week: "You Know My Name" by Tasha Cobbs Leonard

Danilo thinks this song is so beautiful, it somehow manages to capture your heart with the heart of God.

Cooking 101: Veggie fried rice

Fried, carby, veg-loaded goodness in one dish? It's an absolute winner. Expand your healthy weekday menu with this asian-inspired delight!