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The Roundup – Episode 33

A collective of ideas to inspire you, each and every week.

At Newbold, we believe in the power of Monday motivation.

“Glory of God is a man fully alive.”

Danilo discovered the quote for the first time whilst reading the book “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge.  It turned out that his was a quote by Irenaeus (early church father), and it was more of an interpretation than the direct quote. Nevertheless, it inspired Danilo to consider “is that really true? I thought that God was glorified in worship, in the mission that we are pursuing, and in other grander gestures.”

This led to another question: what does it really mean, to be fully alive? If you’d like to dig deeper into finding out the answer, Danilo recommends taking a look at this book for some powerful insights.


Book of the week

'Wild at Heart' by John Eldredge

The book ‘Wild at Heart’ is aimed at men, because the writer observes that men have somehow lost that true meaning of what it means to really live a full life, mixing up the things that excite them as opposed to things that fulfil them. However, he has another book titled ‘Waking the Dead’ where he goes delves deeper into this question and opens it up to everyone interested in exploring further.

But even before consider purchasing one of these books, take a moment today and consider the ways that God reanimates your heart.

Song of the week: "I’ve just seen Jesus" by Larnelle Harris and Sandi Patty

Danilo would like to share this song that he feels somehow brings this week's theme to life even more. He loved it the first time he heard it. It's a great reminder that, if you really do want to feel fully alive, you can in the best possible way by meeting, seeing, experience Jesus for who He really is.

Cooking 101: Mediterranean stuffed Zucchini

What happens when you combine zucchini, olives, feta, and peppers? Spoiler: beautiful, beautiful things happen.