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Venues for hire at Newbold

Open for business

Newbold is pleased to announce that it is open for business with an offering of excellent venues for workshops, training courses, meetings and large events such as weddings and conferences.

The College reopened its doors for on-campus studies in January 2022 after the UK Government relaxed Covid-19 restrictions, which places it in an ideal position to return to providing venues to individuals and organisations looking for places to hold events.

Venues available include small classrooms that hold up to 15 seats, large classrooms that hold up to 30 seats, Salisbury Hall, which has space for up to 300 seats and the Smith Centre with room for 30 seats. The Sports Hall, renovated in 2019, provides seating for up to 800 people.

Newbold’s Moor Close is a popular venue for different events. “Moor Close is excellent for weddings, reception, anniversaries, birthdays, baby dedications, graduations and conferences,” said Melisa Razum, Event Co-ordinator at Newbold. “It is a listed building built in 1865, and the surrounding Sylvia’s Garden is beautiful. It has a chapel that holds up to 100 seats, complemented by the adjoining Green Lounge and the Blue Room, which seats 50 people. We want people to know that it is available for hire.

“We also have empty office space to rent, and classrooms in Murdoch Hall and Salisbury Hall are available for hire during the week. Our cafeteria reopened in January, and we are offering special menus for events like weddings.”

Newbold offers a range of accommodation at Keough House, Schuil House, Moor Close, and the Family Housing flats. Keough House has standard single and double occupancy with single en suite and twin en suite rooms. Rooms at Schuil House, which has single rooms with a shared en suite, are available for rent during the summer break, from mid-May to 1 September. Moor Close has single and double occupancy rooms, and the fully furnished Family Housing flats come with the option of one, two or three bedrooms, a living room, bathroom and storage.

“Newbold is an ideal location for all types of events, and we invite everyone to visit the campus,” said Viviane Derico, Accounts and Administrative Assistant. “Our team is keen to help you provide the most memorable events and experiences. Not only do we boast a fabulous location, but we are reasonably priced as well. We look forward to seeing you soon!”

For more information about booking venues and accommodation at Newbold, contact Melisa Razum at [email protected].