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23 Sep – 30 Sep

Newbold Church, Salisbury Hall, Livestream

Week of Spiritual Emphasis 2023

The Week of Spiritual Emphasis (WOSE) is a cornerstone event on our calendar, and this year is no exception. We’re excited to share a lineup of inspiring speakers, each drawing from their unique expertise to share profound insights. Whether you join us in-person or online, you’re warmly invited to be a part of this spiritually-enriching experience.

The theme for this year’s WOSE is “Fully Alive,” inspired by the words of early Christian leader Irenaeus: “The glory of God is a man fully alive.” This theme holds deep biblical significance, especially when we reflect on Jesus’ promise of granting us “abundant life” (John 10:10). Have you ever pondered the purpose of life beyond the pursuit of success and wealth, or fulfilling societal expectations? If so, the concept of being “fully alive” will truly resonate with you.

Our dynamic speakers will be your guides on this insightful journey, helping us explore how to lead a more wholesome existence. Together, through the wisdom of scripture, we will delve into what it truly means to be ‘fully alive.’

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