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Campus Ministries

Social student programmes to enhance your spirituality at Newbold

Campus Ministries

Spiritual connection is integral to the overall Newbold experience
Ministry isn’t superficial, and neither is your training.
We believe it is crucial that spiritual development opportunities are interwoven into your daily life at Newbold as a student collective. This is how an authentic, deep community and rich discipleship is born. Your peers and the wider community will be your underlying pillar of support and source of inspiration as you discover your unique ministerial pathway.

Campus Ministries is a residential team comprising of our Head of Student Life and Chaplaincy and committed students who, together, are devoted to bringing students together for connection, community and spiritual reflection.

A weekly programme is curated each semester, which will present the opportunity to immerse yourself in activities that may include:

  • Engaging in bible studies that delve into key biblical topics

  • Speaking or listening to guest speakers at dedicated informal socials that spark
    inspiration, ideas, questions and passion

  • Ending each week as a student community with cosy Vespers evenings

  • Spending Sabbath days together on mindful countryside walks

We are always looking for ways to enhance the everyday spiritual offering and welcome new ideas and contributions throughout the academic year.

Newbold Church is located on our campus and is a spiritual home to an international congregation of over 50 nationalities and around 1,000 individuals.

Attending services is a great way to observe global interpretations of ministry from both visiting and resident ministers (including your lecturers!).

Students love to immerse themselves in the Church setting, whether volunteering to prepare for Sabbath worship, assisting with worship leading and musical programmes, attending student sabbath school and more, the opportunities in this close-knit community are endless and encouraged to gain inspiration and experience beyond the classroom.

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Student Life
At Newbold, our purpose is to craft a living community setting where students are nurtured and encouraged to unlock their potential as individuals, spiritually, personally and academically as they prepare to answer God’s calling.
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