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The Mindful Edit – Stay at home

Your mindful thought for the week.

This is: ‘The Mindful Edit.’

In times such as these, we believe it is so important to remain positive, hopeful, to spark conversation, and to stay connected with each other. ‘The Mindful Edit’ is a weekly initiative that will offer thoughts and tips to encourage wellness mentally, emotionally and physically. This curated content will be written by Alastair Agbaje (our Chaplain) and guests. 

This week, Krystian and Aleksandra Parma share tips on how to remain uplifted and positive, and remind us of the importance of community in these extraordinary times. Krystian and Aleksandra were students of English here at Newbold but since having returned to Poland, remain co-leaders of “The Experience”, delivering weekly programmes that evoke joy from afar – their dedication to encouraging a sense of place and hope inspires us all. 

Stay at home.

When we first heard that we were moving our Campus Ministries programme online, our initial reaction wasn’t exactly enthusiastic.

Don’t get us wrong, we love Campus Ministries, but the programme concept is centered around the fact that students are gathering in the same place, at the same time and experiencing the same thing.

Moving “The Experience” online meant no fancy, twinkling lights, cosy blankets, refreshments – and most importantly, people. Nevertheless, we got involved. Not because we craved to do it, but because we knew it was the right thing to do.

So we hosted the first online event. And the outcome? It exceeded every expectation we had. The programme was just as fulfilling as the “offline” experience. We had never seen such a crowded Zoom conference! It was well with our souls.

Staying at home may take swipes at morale and leave you feeling isolated, so we’d like to share a few tips that have helped us to survive:

Get involved in something – fill your weekly schedule with projects you can do from home from jobs around your living spaces that you keep putting off, to personal projects you’d like to accomplish. Put the time in – your diary is more flexible now, and not having goals can sometimes make you feel a bit lost.

Celebrate – cherish the little moments. Enjoy the every day. Dress nicely on Sabbath. Make a hot chocolate for “The Experience”. Reboot life’s rhythm by accenting significant moments at home.

E-meet peopleCampus Ministries online is an excellent opportunity to share faith and joy, but also fear and loneliness – we’re in this together.

In Matthew 21, Jesus tells the Parable of the Two Sons. Their father asks them to work in the vineyard. The first son is very enthusiastic but does nothing. The other son initially refuses but eventually helps his father.

During this quarantine, follow the example of the second son. Don’t worry if you feel you’ve lost the enthusiasm to pray, study or join in with another online meeting. Just do it – no matter how dishonest it may feel in that moment. You will discover blessings, find encouragement and you won’t regret it. We’re a community – and COVID-19 can’t take that away.

We hope to see you soon! May God bless you as this week draws to a close, and in the days to come.

Krystian & Aleksandra