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College Fees

At Newbold we believe that higher education should be affordable.

College Fees

Funding your studies is an important part of your academic journey. Below is a sample yearly cost for Undergraduate (Home and Overseas) and Postgraduate students for the 2020-2021 academic year.

For a full breakdown, please see the bottom of this page.

Undergraduate Postgraduate English Language Centre
Tuition fees (full-time study) £7,444
Shared accommodation
Meal package
For the complete list of fees, charges, and other financial information please download the booklet: Financial Information for Students (2020-2021)

Meet Tom.

If finances were holding you back from making an application, now they don’t have to. We offer a variety of ways to support your studies through a range of scholarships, grants and other funding opportunities across undergraduate and postgraduate courses, directly from us and external providers.

Thanks to funding in partnership with the British Union Conference (BUC), Tom was able to fulfil the dream of studying (BA) Theology with us – check his inspiring story out below.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way – help is on hand if you need it.

How to pay

Tuition, meal and accommodation fees – whether you are funding your own studies or your fees are being covered (either wholly or in part) by another organisation, a scholarship, a grant, or another form of financial support – are due before the first day of each semester.

Students from the UK and Europe are required to pay a semester in advance, whereas students from outside Europe will need to pay a year’s fees in advance.

Instalment plans may be available, depending on your circumstances, and can be arranged on a case-by-case basis by contacting the Finance office.

Visit our payment portal for more information on how to pay.  

Summary of Fees

Tuition Fees



Undergraduate Studies

(15 US/60 European credits)

£3,722 £7,444

ACA Programme

£6,757 £13,514

Postgraduate Studies

£4,683 £9,366

Continuation Fee

£751 £1,502


General English Language Fees

Autumn Semester 2020

Incl. tuition and textbooks


Spring Semester 2021

Incl. tuition and textbooks


1 Week Newbold Experience in May 2021

(room, board and educational trips)


Autumn and Spring Semesters

Incl. tuition, trips and textbooks


Shared Accommodation

Per semester


Meal Package

Per semester


Summer School in English Fees

Please note: Summer School for 2020 has been cancelled, but you can view our fee for 2021.


Full Period (3 Sessions)


2 Sessions


1 Session




Session 1: 8-18 July 2021
Session 2: 15-25 July 2021
Session 3: 22 July-1 August 2021


Discounts available:
  • 10% couple* discount for summer school tuition (*married husband and wife)
  • 20% tuition discount for sibling
  • 20% discount for groups – 6 persons and above


Meal and Accommodation Fees



College Meal Package

12 meals per week for 30 weeks @ £5.23, no refund or carry-over to the following semester




Room and board



Shared room with shared bathroom

Keough House and Schuil House

£1,461 £2,923

Single room with shared bathroom

Moor Close only

£2,032 £4,065

 Shared room with en-suite bathroom

Keough House only

£2,299 £4,598

Single room with en-suite bathroom

Keough House only

£2,829 £5,659


Housing Rent


1 Bedroom Flat

Family Housing


2 Bedroom Flat

Family Housing


3 Bedroom Flat

Family Housing



Moor Close


Fee Per Credit (Per Semester)

UK Credit

US Credit


£62.04 £248.14


£78.05 N/A

Pro rated Fees


English Language Centre

Tuition per week


English Language Centre

20 meals, shared accommodation


English Language Centre

20 meals, single room, no en-suite


Room Only

For a student, shared, no en-suite


Room Only

For a student, single, no en-suite


Room Only

For a student, shared, en-suite, per week – Keough House Only


Room Only

For a student, single, en-suite, per week – Keough House Only


Other fees

Exam – special


Example – challenge per US credit


Computer competency test (no credit)


One car charge

Per Semester


Two or three cars

Per Semester


Traffic offences (minor)


Traffic offences (serious)