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The benefits of taking the College route in Theological Study

Choosing to pursue higher education is a big personal decision. This route requires dedication, focused hard work and for many, this is an unfamiliar journey.

Firstly, it’s important to understand what your choices are – based on where you are in your life now, and perhaps even where you envisage yourself in years to come. You may not think that far ahead, and that’s ok too. But there is always a choice when you’re ready. Examples of common options include:

  • Short courses – there are a number of validated diploma and certificate-based courses you can take which may serve as a solid foundation on your ministerial path.
  • Hands-on experience – it may be possible to pursue a Bible Worker position within your local (or of course, further afield) Church. A role like this is closely linked to the Church’s local community in which you can make a significant, positive impact.
  • Gap Year – a productive gap year can look great on a CV, as employers value experience. If you decide to travel you could look at volunteering options at the local Adventist Church/community.

Higher education also remains a popular choice – in the 2019/20 academic year alone there were almost 2.5 million students at UK higher education institutions (cited from UK Parliament higher education student numbers). So, what’s in it for you? What can Newbold offer to you?


Expand your mind – in a big way

Your College experience will broaden your horizon in many ways. Here at Newbold, you will be given the opportunity to build relationships with peers from all over the world. We are a cultural College and we believe that sharing of values, traditions, worship styles and backgrounds enrich us as individuals, and as an institution.


Become an A-class Theologian

Remember: studying Theology doesn’t always mean you have to take the direction of a pastor if that’s not what you feel called to do.

You may simply find the idea of studying ancient languages, delving into the depths of scripture and challenging your own perspective appealing. Theology is a fusion of subject areas rolled into one – biblical study, ethics, culture and anthropology, history, philosophy, global affairs and more.

Theology is a relevant subject, a lived subject in everyday lives. It is deep-rooted within our human experience and studying this subject will extend your knowledge of the world through critical thinking, research, debate and communication skills.


Your life, your ministry

However, if studying at Newbold is answering a calling into ministry in a pastoral capacity, then you’ve come to the right place.

From September 2021, our intake focus is on ministry and mission under the new Centre of Ministry and Mission. Our academic approach is nurturing and holistic, guided by expert Theologians with ministerial experience, and further supported by Chaplaincy and the Student Experience team.

Our academic curriculums are in the process of updating to ensure that each course gives you as much theoretical and practical exposure as possible, with key work placement opportunities available – all with the overarching aim of following His spiritual narrative and delivering programmes that sit within the context of the contemporary world in which we live.

Here, you will be equipped for a life in ministry and armed with the tools and the knowledge to change lives around you, according to His will.


Learn skills that will heighten your educational, professional and personal life

Theological-based study opens a door to proficiencies that will enrich various corners of your life.

As well as crafting and honing research, analytical and presentation skills, you will also learn to think critically and develop the ability to solve problems, to interpret material to ask difficult questions and seek answers you may not expect.

Studying for a degree will also evolve your organisational and time management skills, and build on your communication, social and teamwork ethic.

Personally, studying Theology will naturally develop your sense of social responsibility as you explore Scripture and dive into literature by some of the greatest minds both past and present.


Contact us

To support your thoughts and decision making further, why not get in touch with our Student Recruitment Officer, Troy?

Troy is on hand to talk you through your options, answer any of your questions or put you in touch with a member of staff who can best advise you.

Here’s to your journey – we hope to walk with you.

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